MEETING NYC 2020 Schedule

Discussions of the February 25, 2020 Meeting

6:30-6:10 PM 15 Years of ETF Investing: What Have We Learned?

Much has changed since New Frontier began managing ETF portfolios in 2004.  New Frontier’s investment strategies implement the principles of sophisticated institutional portfolio management for individual accounts using optimized portfolios of ETFs.  As Chief Investment Officer of perhaps the longest tenured ETF strategy,  Robert has experienced the dramatic rise of the ETF industry and surrounding ecosystem of custodians,  technology platforms and wealth management.

The discussion will reflect on what we have learned in managing global ETF portfolios over the last 15 years.

Join to Discuss:

The evolution of ETFs,  from the explosion of products to the sharp decline in costs

Advances in the investment industry across platforms and custodians

A look back at New Frontier research advancements and technological innovations

Changes in the landscape of ETF investing since 2004

What we have learned through 15 years of managing innovative, institutional-quality investment solutions backed by world-class technology to advisors across the country

Representing institutional portfolios in real time with indices of ETFs such as the New Frontier Global Index (NFGBI)

Robert Michaud, CIO and CTO, New Frontier Advisors

7:20-8:0 PM Why Direct Indexing is a Bigger Deal Than You May Think

Direct indexing is becoming a hot topic as potentially the next big thing to shape the asset management industry.  This presentation will explore the opportunities  for direct indexing,  what’s driving the trend towards this type of investment implementation,  and what nuances come with properly delivering it as a service for financial advisors.

Joe Smith, Founder & CIO,  Parti Pris Investment Partners 

Speaker's Bio


Robert Michaud, CIO and CTO, New Frontier Advisors

Robert Michaud is Chief Investment Officer and Chief Technology Officer at New Frontier. He is the co-inventor of Michaud Resampled Optimization and has four U.S. patents in portfolio optimization and investment management. He is co-author of Efficient Asset Management: A Practical Guide to Stock Portfolio Optimization and Asset Allocation (Harvard 1998, 2nd ed. Oxford 2008) and numerous research articles in refereed journals.

As chair of New Frontier’s Investment Policy Committee, Robert is the lead manager of the firm’s institutional global strategic tax-exempt, global strategic tax-sensitive, and global multi-asset strategic income ETF investment strategy portfolios. Robert has over fifteen years’ experience developing and managing the New Frontier global strategic ETF portfolios. He has also lead the development of new technology at New Frontier, incorporating a multi-patented investment process into software for both clients and New Frontier alike to deepen the efficacy and usability of our investment tools. 

Robert’s research and contributions to applied finance over his decades-long career were profiled in WatersTechnology in "Rebel Math: Robert and Richard Michaud, New Frontier Advisors," an article authored by James Rundle. Robert holds a Masters in Mathematics from Boston University and pursued a Ph.D. in finance from the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles before joining New Frontier. 


Joe Smith, Founder & CIO, Parti Pris Investment Partners

Joe   Smith,  CFA is Co-Founder &   Chief Investment Officer at Parti Pris Investment Partners,  an investment   management firm whose purpose is helping financial advisors differentiate  their practice through the delivery of personalized direct index portfolios  to clients at scale.  He specializes in bringing together technology and   portfolio design expertise to service financial advisors who want to deliver  personalized index accounts that can accommodate their clients’ unique  financial goals  &  investment preferences,  tax-situation,  and risk   objectives.