Prior Events 2020

Our members have a wide variety of research interests ranging from advanced analytical research, to current market trends, new products, and industry developments. They enrich our research programs with suggestions for topics and qualified speakers. 

Each of our meetings typically has two programs, each with a different topic to appeal to the diverse tastes of our members. Each meeting contains something of interest for everyone.

Here is a sampling of the programs sponsored over the past year.

February 25, 2020

"15 Years of ETF Investing: What Have We Learned? ” presented  by Robert Michaud, CIO and CTO, New Frontier Advisors

"Why Direct Indexing is a Bigger Deal Than You May Think,”  presented by  Joe Smith, Founder & CIO,  Parti Pris Investment Partners 

February 4, 2020

"Assessing the Fixed Income Sectors in Various Wrappers”

Panelists:  Benjamin Burke, Credit ETF Trader, JP Morgan & Co.;  Alexandra Wilson-Elizondo, Managing Director,  Fixed Income Portfolio Manager,  Mackay Shields;  and  Meredith Curley Shaw,   Vice President,  SPDR Capital Markets Group.

Moderator:  Julie Abbett,  Executive Director,  JP Morgan Chase & Co.

“Index Development: Theory and Application,”  presented by Mark Abssy,  Founder, All You Can ETF,  LLC 

Prior Events January thru December 2019

November 9, 2019

"Butch Lewis Act Legislation to Rescue Multiemployer Pensions," presented by Ronald J. Ryan, PhD, CFA, Founder and CEO of Ryan ALM, Inc., and author of, The U.S. Pension Crisis.

"Designing Innovative Indexes to Achieve Specific Objectives,"

Panelists: Mark Abssy, Founder, All You Can ETF, LLC; Thomas Nadbielny, CFA, FRM, President, Benchmark Advisors, LLC; and Jesse J. Noel, formerly Senior Portfolio Manager, Direxion Funds. 

Moderated by Michael Carty, CEO of Benchmarks by Design.

October 22, 2019

“Millennial Engagement and Financial Literacy, Thematic ETFs, Robots, Blockchain and Beyond." Panelists: Tyrone V. Ross Jr., Director of Financial Education, Exponential ETFs: Jeremy Capron, Managing Partner & Head of Research, ROBO Global; and Samuel Nofzinger, Trading and Investment Manager, SoFi. 

Moderated by Michal Venuto, Co-founder and CIO, Toroso Investments. 

"Identifying and Adapting to Market Shifts" presented by Sean Kruzel, Founder and CEO, Astrocyte 

September 24, 2019

"The Value of Portfolio Construction," presented by Jason MacQueen, Managing Director, Director of Research at Northfield Information Services.

"Defense of a Loss on SVXY Options – Analytical and Legal Issues," presented by Dennis Boyle, J.D., Senior Counsel at Whiteford, Taylor &. Preston LLP, and Gontran de Quillacq, Alternative Investments/Expert Witness - Navesink International.

August 27, 2019

"Tariffs, Yields, Stocks and ETFs - an Investor’s Paradise or Paradox," presented by Mary Ann Bartels, Head of Research Investment Committee and ETFs, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch.

"Structure as the Key Factor in ETF Selection,” presented by Daniel Weiskopf, Portfolio Manager, Member Investment Committee, Toroso Investments.

July 23, 2019

“Midyear CFRA Research Strategy Update - Is Summer Rally Over or Just Beginning?" presented by Sam Stovall, CFP, CIO, CFRA Research, and author of, The Seven Rules of Wall Street.

“What Exactly is a Factor? The Impact of Portfolio Construction on Factor Returns,” presented by Melissa Brown, CFA, Managing Director, Applied Research, Axioma

June 21, 2019

“Analytical Tools for Timing Equity Factors,” presented by Nathan Tidd, CFA, President, Windfactor Investment Research.

“Machine Learning, Smart Beta, and Leveraged Buyout Predictions,” presented by Milind Sharma, Founder and CEO, Quantz Machine Intelligence Technologies. 

May 21, 2019

"New Studies on Options for Managing Volatility, Enhancing Income Using VIX Index and Sentiment Indicators," presented by Edward Szado, Associate Professor, Providence College and Director of Research, INGARM; and Matthew Moran, Head of Global Benchmark Indexes, CBOE.

"How to Use MACD in Your Trading - Pearls and Pitfalls," presented by Marvin Appel, MD, PhD, President, Signalert Asset Management, and author of, Investing with Exchange-Traded Funds Made Easy.

April 30, 2019

"The U.S. Fixed Income Outlook," presented by Tom Tzitzouris, Head of Fixed Income Research - Strategas Research Partners

"Proper Analytics for Municipal Bonds Are Now Critical," presented by Andrew Kalotay, PhD, President, Kalotay Analytics

March 26, 2019

"Profiting from Historical Perspectives in Behavioral Finance,” presented by Jeffery A. Hirsch, Chief Market Strategist - Probabilities Fund Management LLC, and editor-in-chief of the, Stock Trader’s Almanac.

"Carbon Risk Integration with Factors," presented by Bill Hao, Director, Research & Design - S&P Global Dow Jones Indices.

February 26, 2019

"Accounting for Heterogeneity of Security Behavior with 'Bottom Up' Asset Allocation,” presented by Dan diBartolomeo, President & Founder - Northfield Information Services.

"What Really is that Beta in your ETF?" presented by Stephen Mathai-Davis, CIO & Managing Member, Quantamize. 

January 29, 2019

"Asset Allocation Insights from the Long-Run," presented by Mikhail Samonov, CFA, Founder of Two Centuries Investments.

"The Use of Derivative Instruments in Portfolio Construction for ETFs and Mutual Funds." Panelists: James Maund, Vice President, SPDR ETF Capital Markets, State Street Global Advisors; and Caitlin Stefanick, Analyst - JP Morgan Chase. 

Moderator: Julie Abbett, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase.